6 augustus 2020

The IAYC/IWAA camps in Havelte

Overcinge in HavelteIn 1978 and 1980 there were held two camps of the International Astronomical Youth Camps (IAYC, 1978) and the International Workshop for Amateur Astronomers (IWAA, 1980) in Volkshogeschool Overcinge in Havelte (Drenthe, The Netherlands). The camps were held for young amateur astronomers from all over the world. I participated in both camps. During the camps the participants worked in several workinggroups. In 1978 I joined the general group and in 1980 the Galactic Structure group. From both camps I made a (incompletely) list of the participants.  The basis of these lists were the reports of the workinggroups in my possesion. What I would like to know is the following: what happened with all the participants in the 29 respectively 27 years that followed till now, 2007? Did they made a career in astronomy? Or were other perspectives better suited for them?[1] And who are the participants whom I did not listed? Can anyone add the names of the remaining participants? I’m very curious what happened to all the participants of both camps. Therefore I’m very happy if you make a yell and tell us what’s your status anno 2007. For this case I made a forum, which all of the participants can join (hopefully they will). There you can share memories, remember the exciting games we played in the evening, the Thunderbird-series we watched on TV, the meteors we observed at night, the discussions we had in the attic, etc.. If you know e-mailadresses (or MSN, AIM, Hyves, etc..) of participants: send them this message and ask them to join the forum. The green button under this blog (with the dutch sentence “Deel deze astroblog”, meaning “share this astroblog”) can be used to forward this blog. Or just send the URL of this blog to them. Or use the contactform to send me a personal message. Or comment on this blog. It’s all OK. So to all IAYC’ers and IWAA’ers in the world: spread the word! 😀

  1. Speaking for myself (Arie Nouwen): I didn’t go into the professional astronomy. I’m now an advisor of the council of the city of Rotterdam regarding youth issues. Astronomy is my hobby. I’m living in the (beautiful) town of Dordrecht in The Netherlands. I’m having four children (1b, 3g) and I’m maried happily. []


  1. dirk avau zegt

    Hi all, I found this blog by accident. I was there too at both camps in 78 and 80 and have only the very best memories about them. My email is dirk.avau@skynet.be. Best to all, Dirk

    • Hi Dirk [English off], leuk jou hier te zien! 🙂 Ik zat in jouw groep geloof ik, die jij met Tom Oosterloo leidde. Ik zal je wel even mailen, da’s iets handiger. Grz, Arie

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