22 september 2023

De kosmische Nederlandse vlag

De kosmische Nederlandse Vlag

Credit: SDSS

p style=”text-align: left;”>Naast het Nederlandse vlaggenschip hebben we nu ook al het Nederlandse vlaggenstelsel! 😀 Op het forum van Galaxy Zoo kwam lezeres Marca met dit schitterend gekleurde sterrenstelsel, dat getooid is met het fabuleuze ID-nr. 587738568170143962. We kunnen waarlijk spreken van een kosmische Nederlandse vlag. En die vlag droeg Marca op aan Hanny, inderdaad dé Hanny van hét Voorwerp. Volgens NASA’s Extragalactic Database (NED) betreft het een sterrenstelsel dat behoort tot de Virgocluster en dat met een vaartje van zo’n 30.000 km per seconde van ons af snelt. Oeps, nog nooit zo’n snelle vlag gezien, dat doet Maarten v.d. Weijden niet na. Bron: Galaxy Zoo Forum.



  1. Dank je for mentioning us, I’m sorry I can’t speak Dutch, but that looks like a nice article . . . I’m glad you found Galaxy Zoo, and can I recommend it to everyone reading this? And can someone help me with my Dutch? 🙂 Tot ziens!

  2. Hi Alice,

    Your Dutch is great! Eh.. you want to recommend the Astroblogs? You’re welcome. Jan Brandt is one of my readers and sometimes he’s writing a blog too. You know him already from the forum.

    Tot ziens!

  3. Jan Brandt zegt

    Greetings to thee, my fellow Dutch and english “Fuzzy Blobhunters”…..ah….That is if you, Alice, are english of course??
    So you wanna learn Dutch, right!?
    Well you might just be lucky ‘cause I can give you a “personal two day crashcourse in Dutch” in just three weeks time from now, as I’ll be paying your great country (if you are english that is!!, to be more specific east Sus, a quick visit midway oncomming september……ha…ha..!!
    OK, silly joke of course…….Dutch in two days……but…ah…take it from me or better take from a mutual english friend of ours (Arie and I)….Dutch is a very difficult language!!
    This mutual very english friend or ours (by the name Jonathan Hall) once refered to the great dutch language as a “disease of the tongue” because even after thirty odd years he still hardly speaks a single word Dutch….well apart from some naughty words we (arie and I) learned him..ha…ha..!!

    Some time ago I was told by my Russian teacher (have been trying to learn Russian for fun the past two years) that Dutch is apparently one of the five most difficult languages on this cute little rock tucked away in the outskirts of this big (and beautiful!!) universe.

    Or in other words…Dutch is real (tempting??!!)challenge….
    Hmmm, maar daarom misschien toch wel erg leuk om te leren!!!
    Arie en ik willen je best wel een eindje op weg helpen, OK??……….and we solemnly promise you to skip the dirty words this time…ha…ha..

    Nou ja….tot zover mijn bescheiden bijdrage aan “De kosmische Nederlandse vlag”.



  4. Hahahahaha thanks for the replies! A good reason to learn Dutch would be to have a great laugh talking to you as I read this website I see . . .

    Het was aardig om aan u te spreken . . . but I am sure this is bad Dutch, it is just what a translation website told me. Ha ha ha! It was nice to talk to you is what I wanted to say!

    tot ziens!

  5. Jan Brandt zegt

    Greetings to thee again, Alice in wonderland…..
    sorry, couldn’t resist that one…..’ve always dreamt of using that very poetic Britto-phrase!!

    Actually that wasn’t such bad Dutch at all, in fact it was bloody good….you and your translation website are both quick studies….ha…ha…

    But…ah….let me confess to you that I, when writing stuff in the most beautiful language on the planet (to me that’s still is English by the way!!), always have both a paper dictionaire and on online dictionaire close at hand, just in case “I get lost”!!

    OK…..dat was het weer voor deze keer…en tot spoedig ziens op de “Galaxy zoo site”!!

    Oh….enne….sorry Arie, dat we jouw sterrenkunde site even hebben omgetoverd in een “Vreemde talen website”….ha…ha..



  6. Discussie gesloten, oooops discussion closed. 😀

    Alice, there are more non-Dutch who are trying to read this blog. For example Trevor Lipscombe, editor in chief of John Hopkins University Press. And Jonathan Hall, who Jan mentioned, who is some kind of official in the William Herschel Museum in Bath. In case the dutch language is too difficult: use Google translate.

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