20 april 2021

Je moet er toch niet aan denken

Kan de LHC zwarte gaten produceren?Zou de Large Hadron Collider (LHC) van CERN bij Gen


  1. Adriaan Pek zegt

    Ik hoop wel dat je gelijk krijgt, anders kom ik verhaal halen.

  2. Adriaan Pek zegt

    Ik hoop wel dat je gelijk krijgt, anders kom ik verhaal halen.

  3. Als ik geen gelijk krijg hebben we geloof ik allemaal een probleem. 🙂

  4. Eh… is de mindset afgesteld op “zwarte gaten of veilig” en wil ze van andere gevaren niks weten verders?


    I think the guys from CERN should shut the whole project down.

    Not because of dangers with strange matter or black holes. But because as you suggest: “It’s just an unnatural situation that we are creating… Disrupting the fabric of the universe and the world…”

    The fabric of every universe is mathematical.
    If the chance that it is disrupted by the LHC extreme introspection is terrifically small (say 1 in 10 billion over ten years) then on average a whole galaxy will be destroyed at CERN.

    On the other hand, the universe at that scale is not understood yet and “science in progress” may one day be able to save the world and perhaps the universe.

    If we now tell the people at CERN to destroy all the resources that went into the project, science will be hampered in its development for the good of all beings in the universe.

    But IS science really helping people? History seems to suggest this type of research first leads to the creation of a bigger bomb:

    The Higgs Boomboom!

    In the end space-time as a whole will be isomorphic to a number (size about 5^5^5^5), very precise.
    The experiment at CERN in essence is the universe looking at itself through our eyes.
    The knowledge acquired by this introspection if not now will one day enable people/life to disrupt (for the bad) or adapt (for the good) the mathematical fabric of the universe.
    As such the experiment is part of a chain of events leading to a different end number.

    For now chance rules all events that take place.

    If we succeed in creating and reading off the information from a Higgs boson this means the quantum-information state of the universe changes in a dramatic and possibly dangerous way.

    The Higgs boson is not supposed to send information to the electromagnetic realm like this!

    Science has NO IDEA how to estimate the risk the screen of the universe will go blank (a bug appears).

    If that chance is extremely small, say P=10^-19, then on average a star will black out each day the LHC is running.

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