10 mei 2021

GeMS 3

Orion Bullets: This Orion Nebula region has a long history of adaptive optics (AO) imaging at Gemini. The field was first targeted with the Altair AO system at Gemini North in 1997 (see www.gemini.edu/node/226), followed by this imaging sequence with GeMS (a single GeMS pointing was released at the January 2013 meeting of the Astronomical Society, see www.gemini.edu/node/11925). This near-infrared image is comprised of three, three-band pointings using the GeMS AO system with the Gemini South AO Imager (GSAOI).
In the GeMS/GSAOI image, strong winds from a violent explosion associated with a region of star birth behind the Orion Nebula expel bullets of gas that created this spectacular system of molecular hydrogen wakes. Researchers and Principal Investigators John Bally and Adam Ginsberg of the University of Colorado are using their GeMS data to determine the intensity of the blast and the nature of the bullets.

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