1 december 2023

An interview with the makers of the SETI documentary Earthling’s Quest

Earthling's Quest is an … [Lees meer...]

Columbus Theatre in Kerkrade: the place to experience ‘The Overview Effect’

About three years ago I had the opportunity to start an informal collaboration with Frank White, co-founder of 'The Overview Institute' and author of 'The Overview Effect', a book that has been recently published in its second edition and that in my opinion should be read in schools. The book … [Lees meer...]

IAC2015 Jerusalem: an interview with Juan Jose Diaz Infante

Van 12 tot en met 16 oktober 2015 werd in Jeruzalem (Israël) het 66e International Astronautical Congress (IAC2015) gehouden. Astroblogger Daniela de Paulis was daar bij. Eerder was zij op het 63e IAC congres geweest, dat in 2012 in Napels werd gehouden - hier haar verslag daarover. In Jeruzalem … [Lees meer...]

A review of the Sonic Acts Festival 2015 [Update]

It's Sonic Acts time. Every year the art, music, science festival in Amsterdam comes back with a rich programme, featuring concerts, talks, and a great atmosphere. The topic around which everything rotates in this year's edition, is 'The Geologic Imagination', with the 'Anthropocene' as the main … [Lees meer...]

Exclusive: an interview with Nahum Mantra, organiser of Kosmica

I recently had an interview - exclusive for the Astroblogs - with Nahum Mantra, the internationally recognised artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist, who has organised the space exhibition Kosmica, wich was recently held in Mexico City. On august 8th I had a presentation on Kosmica myself, … [Lees meer...]

An interview with Trevor Paglen (The Last Pictures)

On November 21, 2012 the Echostar XVI communications satellite was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Affixed to the exterior of that satellite is an archival disc created by artist Trevor Paglen called The Last Pictures. Echostar XVI has an geostationary orbit, 36.000 km above earth's … [Lees meer...]

Report on the ESA Topical Team Arts & Science (ETTAS) meeting

On Monday 12 November I was invited to attend the opening of the Space Related Art Showcase at ESTEC in Nordwijk. This is the first public event of the ESA Topical Team Arts & Science (ETTAS), a programme just launched by international artists in collaboration with the European Space Agency. … [Lees meer...]

Buzz Aldrin’s press conference during the IAC 2012 in Naples

I received a reply from Mike Garrett - head of ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy - regarding the conference with Buzz Aldrin - the second men on the moon, july 1969 - on the last day of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), which was held last week in Napels. He was … [Lees meer...]

Report from the 63rd International Astronautical Congress in Naples

Daniela de Paulis is gastcolumniste van de Astroblogs. Zij is een Italiaanse artiest, die onder andere het Moonbounce-project heeft ontwikkeld, dat uitgevoerd wordt met de 25 meter radiotelescoop van Dwingeloo. Hierover heeft zij op het afgelopen 63e International Astronautical Congress in Napels … [Lees meer...]