24 maart 2018

Lezing: donkere energie en donkere materie

Lezing donkere energie en donkere materieAlle hens aan dek: komende vrijdag, 19 juni 2009 volgens de hedendaagsche kalenders, houdt Arie Nouwen een lezing bij Christiaan Huygens over Donkere Energie en Donkere Materie. Yep, that’s me! Dat deze duistere exotische goedjes mij interesseren zal de trouwe Astrobloglezer niet ontgaan zijn, want het vormt regelmatig


  1. jonathan zegt:

    A strange man came up to me in the street and offered me some dark matter but I don't think it was the missing mass in the universe we are all looking for. I seem to be suffering from gravitational lensing as my wife tells me I look bigger the further away I am in the universe, especially if I stand behind an even bigger object – now none of this makes any sense, but Jan tells me you are giving a lecture on the subject which sadly I shall miss as the men in white coats are taking me back to England and the house where Herschel discovered Uranus – long live the Hanovarian's – tot ziens!

  2. Hi Jonathan, nice to see you here on the Astroblogs. 🙂 Pity you're going back to the UK before friday. Well, I suppose Jan has shown you all the famous pubs in good old Dordrecht. If not, shame on him. 🙂 Have a good journey back home and I hope to see you next time.

  3. Hoi Arie,

    jemig, jij bent snel!!!

    OK…..je zult wel duidelijk zijn wie er bij mij effetjes "een nachie" logeert….yep, that fat bastard from Bath who has been binge-drinking gallons of Banana-beer and eating truckloads of poffertjes….and who is now seeing "double stars" and talking complete and utter nonsense!!

    Helaas mist hij net jouw lezing van aanstaande vrijdag omdat hij morgenmiddag (eh….vandaag> donderdag) al weer terug moet naar "Old Blighty"

    Nou ja…..you can't win them all.

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