1 oktober 2023

SpaceUp Europe is ready to launch!

Credit: SpaceUp

Tomorrow, september 22th, for the very first time a SpaceUp Unconference will be held in Europe – in the Cosmodrome in Genk, Belgium! Jan Brandt & I – your truly Astrobloggers – will be there, alive & kicking, to report live and instantaneously what’s going on. Celebrities like Emily Lakdawalla (Planetary Society) and ESA-astronauts Christer Fuglesang and Paoli Nespoli will be present at SpaceUp Europe. Here’s the schedule for this unique weekend!

DateTime (CEST)Event
September 22th08.30Jan Brandt & I are being launched in our Berlingo from Space Platform Sagittarius in Dordrecht, The Netherlands
September 22th10.45Arrival and docking at Cosmodrome in Genk/Belgium
September 22th11.00 Count down 3, 2, 1, 0... Launch of the first SpaceUp Europe!
September 22th> 11.00 - 15.00Start of the program with a lot of 1. 25 minute sessions, 2. Pecha Kucha slots, 3. Ignite talks or T-5.
September 22th> 21.00 Observing time at the Cosmodrome Observatory (20 cm refractor, focal length 300 cm)
September 23th11.00 - 15.00Day two of the program, with discussions, presentations, etc...
September 23th15.00 Undocking Berlingo from Cosmodrome
September 23th17.30Landing of Berlingo capsule in Dordrecht

During the weekend blogs will be written and video’s will be taken. There’s a live stream from SpaceUp on the Astroblogs, which includes also recorded video’s. For our Dutch and Belgian readers: as you can see, we’ll write our reports about SpaceUp in English. Participants from the unconference are from more than 13 countries and English is the language we use.



  1. Jan the astroman zegt

    The Citroën (whatelse did you expect??!!) Berlingo is washed, checked out (a thousand times over by nerdy mechanic little me)and standing standing ready on the launchpad at KSC…..Kennedy Space Center??….Nope, Kerksplein Space Center..ha..ha..!! and for those who are startled that we are not going to space(up) by 2CV…..no problems with the distance (only 166 k and back)….it is 100% safe parking that I am always concerned about….don’t really like leaving my 2cvs unattended at night at a place I am not a 100% sure is safe…Yeah…yeah.. I admit it I am a very protective nerd with regards to my two “Quacks”!! Anyway…I am (sort of) ready for launch….start the countdown clock!!

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