13 juli 2020

Report from the 63rd International Astronautical Congress in Naples

Daniela de Paulis is gastcolumniste van de Astroblogs. Zij is een Italiaanse artiest, die onder andere het Moonbounce-project heeft ontwikkeld, dat uitgevoerd wordt met de 25 meter radiotelescoop van Dwingeloo. Hierover heeft zij op het afgelopen 63e International Astronautical Congress in Napels een presentatie gehouden. Hieronder een verslag van haar belevenissen in Napels. Daniela, bedankt hiervoor!

the venue of the congress

Just got back from the overwhelming 63rd International Astronautical Congress in Naples, it was truly an experience and would recommend it to anybody with a passion for flight, space travel and the future. During the five days symposium the outside world seems to disappear in the technology of flight wonderland. The programme is so intense that on your way back you will need a couple of days to make sense of all you have learned and seen during the congress. First of all it is an amazing opportunity for networking and meeting likeminded people, no matter which area of space flight you work in, whether engineering, SETI or culture. The congress is nomadic, it is held every year in a different town and next year it will be hosted in Beijing. On my way back to The Netherlands, I had tens of cards from new contacts and friends and many new projects in mind.


  1. Daniela, congratulations with your first (and hopefully not only) contribution to the Astroblogs! Great story about the happenings in Naples and the things you were involved into. Sort of SpaceUp Europe times thousand, I think. 🙂 So, next year in Bejing? Mmmm, have to think about that (wishes versus pocketmoney, you know the drill ). Ehh… Daniela, regarding that SETI-project, you say “Until now none of these signals has been received”. Haven’t they told you about the WOW-signal? See https://www.astroblogs.nl/2012/02/25/35-jaar-na-dato-was-het-wow-signaal-van-buitenaardse-oorsprong/ for a blog about that. OK, thanx for the blog and hope to see you soon!

  2. Olaf van Kooten Olaf van Kooten zegt

    Daniela welcome to the club and thank you for this great story!

  3. Danielaaaaaaaaaa,

    You know what, I am almost flippin short for words….(a condition as you know seldom happens to me…ha..ha..!!)….. expressing my hapiness seeing your first and wonderful “astroblog” appearing on Astroblogs!!! I have already seen “some interesting stuff of yours” on facebook….and..ah…Through your eyes, the eyes of a space infatuated artist acting as our “human telescope”, you are giving us a chance to observe an artistic universe where no “astroblogger has yet gone before”….and therefore the “verdict” is:..more where that came from ..and….six mighty bright blue supergiant stars for you, Girl…!!!

  4. Jan the astroman zegt

    Yep…me name is Janus Zeikspier…and I ‘d better not translate that in english…ha..ha…!!!

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