23 juni 2018

Video: Erik Verlinde op Fysica 2015 over z’n nieuwe theorie van de zwaartekracht


Op 10 april j.l. was Erik Verlinde op Fysica 2015, het jaarlijkse congres van de Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging, dat in Eindhoven werd gehouden. Verlinde gaf daar een lezing over


  1. To Mr. Erik Verlinde
    Dear Sir,
    I am Aleksandr Isakov, an electronics engineer and programmer from Kharkiv. Ukraine.
    First, I would like to express admiration for your talent of a world scientist. Your pioneer work “On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton” allowed to see the world in a new light and opened up new horizons to fundamental science. When I’ve read it, it has just knocked me off feet; the description in my application for an invention in statics and dynamics surprisingly agrees with your theoretical arguments based on the holographic principle. Thus, thanks to your ideas, I have succeeded to justify the work of my invention, a device called the Module Generator of Gravity Forces (MGGF). Almost two years ago, I submitted an application for an invention to the Patent Office of Russia. Please, get in touch with me. isanwarp@gmail.com
    That is it, a very brief description of the MGGF project, a practical use of your ideas.
    I would really appreciate it if you express your opinion on the presented MGGF project. http://isan.com.ua. Sorry, so far only in Russian. Soon I will translate.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Aleksandr Isakov.

  2. Dear Aleksander, thanx for your comment. I forwarded it to Erik. Succes with all your works in Ukraïne.

  3. Dear Arie Nouwen ,

    Huge gratitude for promotion of high scientific knowledge. Thanks to you, such singles as I, am possible to receive “gold” idea of Verlinde which is difficult for finding in the sea of information. Together we will construct “ship”.
    Excuse for my poor English.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Aleksandr Isakov.

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